Monday, April 11, 2011


If some of you reading this are females, can swim, and are interested in water polo, BC is the place for you. Boston College's Women's Club Water Polo team just went undefeated this weekend at BU. We played 4 games over two days and boy was it fun.

Club sports are a lot different than the varsity sports on campus. Yes, we get very limited funding, but we are given a greater flexibility with practice times, tournaments, attendance, and there's just a different sense of camaraderie on the team. Maybe I feel that way because I'm on the swim team here and that is more of an individual sport and water polo is most definitely a team sport. But regardless, I'm so happy that I have been able to participate on this club sport team because for the short months that I have been on the team, I have had the best time here.

So ladies, if you fit the criteria, definitely consider joining BCWWP (Boston College Women's Water Polo)!


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