Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I know this is a bit late, considering the fact that the ALC Showdown was about 3 days ago. Nevertheless, I still felt the need to post something about it. Here it goes...

ALC Showdown was very impressive :) and that's about it...

Below is the video of this year's 1st place dance winner, Fuego Del Corazon. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Unfortunately, housing in BC can be a bit stressful at times. Being a rising sophmore, I'm currently facing the fact that I will most likely end up in College Road ("co-ro") next year. However, the upside to that is my friends and I are going to try to block, which means we'd all be living right next door to each other. Hopefully all goes well. I'll keep you posted. :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Housing Dilemmas

The stress of housing has really began to take its toll. My group of friends and I applied for one of the coveted 8-man suites, but to our dismay, we were not able to secure one of the highly desired rooms. Now what? We applied today for two 4-man suites, hoping to stay together and make the most out of the situation, but as luck would have it, we were unsuccessful in acquiring those as well. The stress and anxiety are really starting to come on full force now, because both time the rooms available on lower are running out, and fast. Our last hope is to try and secure one of rare 6-man suites scattered throughout lower campus, but this alternative comes with its consequences. We had to sever 2 friends from the group applying, which causes both drama and hurt feelings, but it is a necessary evil.

Listening to everyone on campus talk about their rooming situation and comparing locations is one of the worst drawbacks of not having my rooming situation resolved yet. The more I hear about 90 St. Thomas Moore, Walsh, and Vanderslice halls, the more stressed I become about my housing situation. If tomorrow does not work out, then I am bound to be one of "those" sophomores who live on the infamous College Road, better known on campus as "CoRo".

While CoRo is not the most desirable option, I think I could survive a year there. After all, I am not the only sophomore who ends up living there despite taking all the possible steps to avoid the shunned sophomore residence. If worst comes to worst and I am bound for College Road next year, I will be sure to make the best of it, because after all, Boston College is Boston College no matter where you live on campus.


Housing Selection Time...

Yes, that's right; we are in the middle of housing picks for next year. Luckily, I was solidified into an 8-man today on Lower in Vanderslice Hall, but others might not be so lucky next year. There's nothing wrong with living on Co-Ro, but it seems that everyone just wants to be on Lower. What's the allure? Well, it's steps away from the Plex (there's really no excuse for some of us to not go to the gym now), Lower Live Dining Hall is also just steps away (finally, you can enjoy Addie's almost every night), and the majority of the sophomore class lives down there.

Regardless of where everyone ends up though, I'm glad that I do not have to deal with the housing matrix for another year or so. The next challenge will be to get one of the coveted Mods, but that's too far down the road.


Monday, March 21, 2011


For all of those who have not heard of the traditional Middlemarch dance that occurs every year in Boston College or for those of you who have not yet attended...you should totally look into it! My friends and I were on the committee for the past month and it was an extremely fun experience.

The theme this year was Nickelodeon and we had the opportunity to decorate one of the main rooms in O'Connell House with the theme of The Wild Thornberry's, one of the classics of this television network. There was catered food, great music played by a professional DJ, and lots of cute picture opportunities. Everyone dressed up as their favorite Nickelodeon character and had the chance to show off their creative costumes. All in all, it was a FABULOUS night :)

Top 5 Reasons to Be an Art History Major at BC (or to at least take a class sometime during your 4 years here)

1. The Department is all-around amazing. I’m convinced we have some of the best, most passionate professors on campus. And hey, the students are pretty great, too.

2. The Museum of Fine Arts is just a few T-stops away. You haven’t studied art until you’ve studied it in person.

3. The McMullen Museum offers internships for undergrads, and you couldn’t ask for a more convenient internship location than Middle Campus.

4. Art History majors are required to take an Art Workshop class. I haven’t been able to draw, paint, and make cool prints in class since I was in the fifth grade.

5. Imagine how impressed your whole family will be when you causally mention your interpretation of an Abstract Expressionist work over Thanksgiving dinner. They’ll never be more convinced that all that tuition money was worth it.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Freshman Leadership Project (FLP) - Spring Break 2011

This past week we had spring break. While some students went back home to visit their families and some went on exotic vacations, a handful of BC students served others for their week off. I was one of those students. I was fortunate enough to have applied to the Freshman Leadership Project which was offered by the First Year Experience (FYE) office. I applied in December and got in before leaving for the semester. I was excited, but not really sure what we were going to actually be doing. Regardless, I was excited for my alternative spring break.

So Sunday rolled around as I packed up all my clothes and supplies I needed for the week. A group of 11 other freshman met at Lower Dining Hall and we took the B-Line to the place we were staying....a hostel. I have never stayed at a hostel before, but what a great experience it was. We all got so close over that week, I mean, we were around the same people 24 hours a day for a week!

But anyways, everyday we had a different service project that we worked on. Some of these included working with children at the Commonwealth Tenants Association, listening to speakers from the Homelessness Bureau, working at the Boston Living Center, and helping out at the Urban Revisionary Farm. Everyday was different, but each day taught me a new lesson in this humbling experience.

I could not imagine doing anything better on my week off than this service trip. And I can honestly say that my new 11 friends would say the same thing. It not only gave us all a chance to get away from BC for a bit, but it gave us time to reflect on things that were going on in our lives and learn about the city that we all now call home.

Yes, other schools may have Appalachia Volunteers and other spring break programs, but BC is different because of the emphasis on the Jesuit mission and importance of service that BC preaches. You didn't have to be religious at all to partake in this, in fact, I'm not at all and that's also why BC is such a special place.

This experience was simply amazing and if you come to BC, I would highly encourage you to apply to go because it might just be one of your best freshman experiences. It was certainly one of mine.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sun or Snow?

It's spring break!!! Boston College students are currently right in the middle of their week-long vacation. It feels great to be back in my hometown Miami where the warmth and sun never ends yet many of my friends are on community service trips. I was personally torn between returning home for the week or participating in Appalachia or some other service project. My advice is: plan the four spring breaks you have in BC wisely! Go back home one year but make sure to involve yourself in the numerous and amazing service trips that BC has. So when wondering whether to go to a sunny place or remain in the cold climate...think of what you have done so far and what you want to accomplish in the upcoming years. Time is precious! I'm thinking of doing an international service trip during spring break next year! Can't wait :)

Here's a video showing an overview of the Appalachia volunteers. Enjoy.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Erin go Bragh!


I've gotta say that I am so excited for Spring Break. The seven weeks we've been back since Christmas have been amazing but so exhausting! Between schoolwork, the Beanpot, midterms, and just hanging out it will be absolutely lovely to get some time off. I am even more pumped for this break as I will be in IRELAND with the University Chorale!!

I joined Chorale in September as a Freshman and am a 2nd soprano (whoot!). We rehearse twice a week (girls on Mondays, boys on Tuesdays, and everyone on Thursdays) and have three concerts each semester. Last semester we sang with the Boston Pops! in September, Mozart's Requiem in November, and a joint Christmas concert with BC's student orchestra in December. I have loved the experiences Chorale has given me and working with John Finney, the director, has been wonderful. Hearing the sound that 160+ voices produce gives me goosebumps at each and every performance- it is truly awesome.

This will be my first trip out the country, and oh, I cannot wait! I will be taking a ton of photos- maybe I'll post a few when I get back :)

Slán go fóill (Goodbye for now),

Sydney Barada

And the Presidency Goes To....

Mike Kitlas and Jill Long. After a much anticipated campaigning season, we finally have a new Undergraduate Government of Boston College (UGBC) president and vice-president.

On the platform of Building Community, we will soon find out how Kitlas and Long will enhance BC even further. On their website (www.kitlas-long.com) they state that they hope to build community through programming, outreach, accessibility, and formation. For all you freshman coming in, next year looks very promising for another great year (and your first!!) at BC!


It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got That Swing!


My name is Sarah, and I'm a freshman studying political science. I could talk about politics until the world ends (in 2012?) and I will happily do so, but I'll refrain from boring you all to death, because I want to talk about dancing instead.

One of the million reasons I love my roommate is that she is totally willing to try anything once. Now don't get me wrong, I am too, about most things. But September of my freshman year was so filled with learning to do laundry and finding the mail room to pick up my first care package that I was too busy to try many crazy things. I was all too happy, then, to let my roommate drag me to the swing dancing lessons happening one Monday night in O'Neill Plaza. Boston College Swing Kids spends the fall semester giving lessons in swing dance to anyone who cares to show up, and soon I found myself showing up every week, with or without my roommate. I have never danced apart from the ballet lessons I took when I was five, and I never thought I would dance, but there I was, learning to do the Charleston and Lindy Hop, feeling for all the world like a 1920s flapper in a jazz club. Monday nights from 7-8 in Eagle's Nest became my hour of release, when I didn't have to worry about the midterms I had that week and could focus on learning the Jesus Drop and the Texas Tommy. I was there so much that this semester I get to dance in ArtsFest, this huge weekend every April where every Arts-related group on campus shows off what they've been working on all year. Add that to the list of things I do in college that I never would have done in high school.

Joining Swing Kids is one of the best decisions I have made during my first year at BC. Not only did I learn to swing, but I learned that college is the time to try crazy things you would never try otherwise. You never know what you'll fall in love with.

I'm off to rehearsal - catch you guys later!
Sarah Ganton