Thursday, October 28, 2010

Off Campus

Hey there!

It's time to tackle a technicality about Boston College, namely the fact that no one is guaranteed four years of housing that comes to BC. It's kind of annoying since I personally only got three years. Some people luck out and are on campus for all four years, though, and there's really no problem. However, there are some pros and cons about living off campus.

Some of the cons are that you have to either walk or take the bus to class every day. This is a bit annoying, especially since I lived on Newton freshman year and had to take the bus then too. Another con is that you may be separated from friends for a year who have four years of housing and may be stuck living with people you know a little less about. The final con I would say is that it is just plain stressful finding housing, especially if you don't start early. Once you do find a place to live, though, it's smooth sailing and you can avoid on campus housing drama.

Now the pros abound. First of all, it is a great experience living on your own for a year. Paying bills and keeping responsibility is a great life lesson. Also, housing tends to be cheaper off campus than on. Another pro is that you can stay around the BC area during Christmas break and the summer since you'll have a place to live. This is great if you have a job or just plain want to come back early from break. Finally, you can find a greater deal of independence living off campus.

Overall I feel living off campus has been a great experience, but I would not want to do it for a second year, especially since I didn't live on main campus freshman year. While I love living off campus right now, I cannot wait until I move back on for senior year and spend that time with all of my friend's together again!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's Go Eagles!

It’s no secret that Boston College’s football team is on a bit of a losing streak. The student body certainly hasn’t hesitated in letting their frustration at our 2-5 record be known, and even though quarterback Dave Shinskie has been pulled from his starting position, the mention of his name still has the potential to evoke angry outbursts from students.

Despite our less-than-perfect season, home football games continue to be an essential aspect of Boston College culture. On game days, students take a break from endless homework and reading assignments, put on their distinctive Superfan yellow t-shirts and shades, and then head down to Alumni Stadium with their friends to cheer on the BC Eagles. The student section is always packed, and if we’re playing a decent team, the rest of the stadium is filled with returning alumni and fans of the opposing team. All in all, it is nothing short of a good time.

Our second-to-last home game is this Saturday, and I have to say that I’m a little sad to see the end of yet another football season. We’ll be playing Clemson, and it just might be the time for us to score our first ACC win of the year. If not, there’s always basketball season to look forward to.

Until next time,


Post-game edit: We won! There's still hope!


Hello everybody!

When I originally found out that I was going to be living on Newton Campus last summer my heart sank (along with about 900 other freshmen); however, my perception of this campus has significantly changed since that first week.

First off I am not going to lie and say that living on Newton doesn’t isolate you from kids on upper, because it does; however this only makes the freshmen on Newton that much closer.
The people on my floor are some of my closest friends, and I know some of them more than my friends back home just by being with them for a little over a month. From hall sports to Wednesday night abs our floor finds fun ways to connect and emulate the “action” of upper campus.

Now to tackle the issue of the dreaded bus. The Newton bus can defiantly be a pain sometimes; for example, when the bus driver decides to take his break when you're already late for class, or missing the last 2:00am bus; however, truthfully the bus isn’t that bad and waking up 15 minutes earlier in order to get the bus is not really that big a deal. Also the 2:00am bus is perhaps one of the funniest trips you will ever make and everyone has to do it at least once.

In terms of dining, Stuart is awesome, mainly because the law students need a good place to eat, but we’ll take it. Newton is also awesome for all of its fields, especially given the new construction on main campus. Everywhere you look on Newton you see green fields that are ideal for any sport you want to play, and I cant wait till the winter for some intense sledding down Newton’s many hills. In short Newton is an amazing campus that is wrongfully viewed as boring by most incoming freshmen. We have just as much fun as those freshmen on upper and form a great bond with those people that we are “stuck” with. So to all those Eagles that live or lived on Newton be proud, and to all those incoming freshmen Newton is the place to be.


Monday, October 25, 2010


Hello everybody!

Now, my last post stated that I am a history/philosophy double major with a minor in American studies. I've already delved into what I may do with this concentration - so let's look at what it is I do currently as a liberal arts major, why don't we? Now I've finished all my core so I'm only taking classes that apply to my concentrations for the remainder of my undergraduate career.

This semester I'm taking "Kierkegaard and Nietzsche" and the "Philosophy of Imagination" for my philosophy major, "Public Culture in Post-War Japan" and "Age of Decision, United States 1877-1929" for my history major, and "City in Literature and Film" for my American studies minor. Interesting classes all, and I may talk more about each individual one in future posts, but, for now, my workload:

All I do in my free time is read. Read read and read some more. This reading is occasionally broken up by writing on the reading I have been doing, but then I go back to reading. Some might find this workload slightly taxing and monotonous, but I really do love every minute of it. Being post-core, I'm able to focus on topics I find interesting and am finally able to avoid math like the plague.

That's all I really have to say about my workload. If you have any questions about specific classes, or anything else in general, feel free to contact me at'll find some time in between readings to answer them fully. Have a great week!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Update From Shaw

Hey Guys!

I'm Chrissy Suchy and I'm a freshman. Additionally, I'm a member of the Shaw Program. Shaw is a leadership program that offers students of the incoming freshman class to live in the Shaw House on Upper Campus their freshman year with all the 20 members (half boys half girls).

So far, its been a really rewarding experience. I've been able to meet people that are from all over the country and have different outlooks on all walks of life. Its also really nice being able to live in an actual house (with a full kitchen and lounge in addition to all the rooms that we have). But regardless, the Shaw program offers students to attend weekly seminars with influential leaders in the BC community and learn about everything Boston College has to offer. I personally have really enjoyed meeting with the head basketball coach (Coach Donahue), various Jesuits, and I am looking forward to meeting with the university's president, Father Leahy. So far, Shaw has been really great to me, and I look forward to the year to come. I'll keep you all posted!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

There's no time like Procrastination Time

Hello from O'Neill Library!

A very cheerful "What's up?" to all the prospective students who are viewing this blog! Pleasure to make your acquaintances, my name is Samantha BUT all that's necessary is the first three of the eight letters (lucky guess on which ones?).

I've chosen a very special time to begin documenting my junior year at Boston College. Right now, most of us are in the "throes" of midterms! It's like Christmas; the teachers are overly generous with handing out the gifts of paper assignments, tests, quizzes and extra work to make sure that we are all well aware of certain things (like who Boniface VII was) to prepare us for our futures in Marine Biology, Neuroscience, Criminal Law or any other career that isn't the least bit remotely connected. In a way, midterms are fun though. I get a warm feeling in my heart as I delve into my books, staring at the sunset over the Boston Skyline (Check it out actually! This is what I see from these fantastic half wall height windows!) and resurface to a beautiful sunrise about thirteen hours later with a serious cramp in my legs and hunger growls reminiscent of a passing truck. But it's nice to know that in these times, you're definitely not alone. Studying together with other people around this time is definitely recommended, it makes the time pass faster, you have a system of support of other friends who can certainly relate to how you feel, AND breakfast at 7:30 a.m. is a GROUP activity! Just make sure you can focus, distraction is a blessing in moderation!

So, who is the writer behind this sarcastic yet pleasant dose of reality? My name is Sam Augustin, and I am currently a junior at Boston College. I am an English and Communications double major with a pre-law concentration in both. [I am also currently studying for a gorgeous midterm with a matching 10 page paper.] I'm involved in Student Admissions Program Online and Office Management, I'm on the Undergraduate Government of Boston College's (UGBC) Student Rights Team, and I am the Vice President of a culture club's executive board. I do more around campus but currently, these are my favorite and most active commitments! Getting involved at BC is easy to do, a lot of fun and extremely beneficial if you commit to a reasonable amount of different activities and stay responsible and active in those that you do chose to commit to. Ask if you have any questions about any of the groups I'm currently involved in!

Blogging is serving as a great way to unwind after a few hours straight of studying though. A good way to make sure that the studying continues is a program for Mac Users called SelfControl. Temporarily blocks several sites that I may slightly obsess over (Facebook, BCMail, Google,, StumbleUpon, Kayak [I love to travel!]) and keeps them blocked from your computer until the timer has run out. Supposedly even if you try to uninstall the program, the sites remain blocked for the sake of "self-control" until the timer is done. Needless to say, I've found away around the timer, but I set it back up so that I could be a good student. Now, if you do decide to try looking this up at some point, please be aware that downloading links from the internet can harm your computer, so be careful what you download! Also be wary of scams, p.b. & jam and other programs. You get the gist!

One last note: Many people work well under pressure. However, high school "work under pressure" and college "work under pressure" are two very different concepts. Time management is a MUST, especially after you get your first potent dose of "All Nighters". So, if you haven't already, practice managing time wisely. Balance is key, the golden mean is a wonderful standard, and I'm looking forward to finding my inner balance again after this hectic week! Enjoy your weekends and look out for my Thursday postings! If you have any questions at all, feel free to comment or shoot me an email!



Hello! My name is Matthew Rossman and I am a sophomore in the college of arts and sciences. I am currently undeclared but am heavily leading towards becoming a history major. BC has a lot of great history courses to offer and a great history staff. I am currently taking a class on the Vietnam war which I am thoroughly enjoying. My professor took a lot of acting classes in college and he incorporates his skills into the lectures constantly changing his voice to match the person who is quoting. I find this very entertaining and comical. I am also taking a sociology class called peace or war where we look critically at why the US gets involved in wars. As an American this course can be disconcerting at times because we have read articles by people who believe the United States is an empire and we go to war solely to advance our society. However, I think this class has given me a new perspective on war and how it is not always clear cut.

Anyways, while classes and homework do take up a substantial period of my time, I still have plenty of free time to become involved in activities on campus. I currently write for the heights newspaper which is very easy to become involved if you so choose. Basically you just show up at a weekly meeting, the editor will give off a list of articles he needs and then first person to claim it gets to write the article. Last week I got to cover BC's hockey team versus Denver. Since the games were not televised on BC cable, I was allowed to go down to the men's locker room and watch the game on direct television with some student managers. Also, after the second game vs Denver which we won, one of the captains called me to do a post interview. I am so excited for the hockey home opener on October 29th. Even though the team was national champions last yr, they appear to be even better.

I am also involved with intramural sports. Intramural sports are a great way to continue playing sports if your not quite at the varsity or club level. Right now I am playing Softball and Hockey. The cool thing about hockey is that we get to play in Conte Forum which is where the actual BC hockey team plays its home games.

Thanks for reading my post. This is my first post this yr and there will be many more to come. If you have any questions pertaining to student life or just want a perspective from a current student feel free to email me at I know I have a funny email. Anyways if theres anything I can help with feel free to contact me. Thanks

Matthew Rossman

Life on Newton

Hi all! I hope wherever you are, October is treating you nicely! It's getting a little chillier here in Chestnut Hill, but the leaves are turning, so it's beautiful all the same.

My name is Lexi Schneider and I am a freshman in the College of Arts and Science. I am a history major, and I will most likely double in theology. I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with my life (then again, who is?), but I'm currently thinking about law school and high school education in terms of a career path.

I live on Newton Campus in Keyes South (dubbed the Newton of Newton Campus because it's separated from the other two dorms). Originally, I was a little disappointed about being out on Newton. I was not excited about being away from the action of main campus, and feared that dreaded bus. However, my outlook has significantly changed during the past two months. Newton is only freshmen, and about 900 students get placed here. Many argue that the food is better at our lone dining hall, Stuart, which has been debated by many of my friends on Upper. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen, but Stuart is by far my favorite dining hall to eat in. It's really "homey" because it's so small; I know the employees and they know me, and the dining is really intimate. There's also a lot to say for the community. I LOVE my floor! They are all really amazing. We've all meshed really well. My entire dorm gets along well together as well which is great. Keyes has its own library and laundry services, which is really convenient, and each floor has at least one common area. The bus is not really all that bad, although inconvenient at times. It only runs until 2 a.m., but you can always call Eagle Escort for a ride back after that. Sometimes I also just spend the night on Upper too.

Best of luck in the college search, and I'd be happy to answer any other questions you have about Newton, or college in general!


Hello! My name is Nick Clements and I am currently starting my Student Admissions Blog for this year. You, the reader, will get to hear all about the life and times of a junior history/philosophy double major, American studies minor in Boston College's undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences! Get excited!

Now, reading my concentration, one may ask oneself (as many ask me), "What, exactly, is he going to do with a degree in that? Liberal arts!? I mean, come on!" My normal answer to this question is a snide "something impractical," but, this being an informational blog and that being a valid question to ask, I will answer truthfully. I am currently planning on going to graduate school for American studies, an interdisciplinary course of study which focuses more on cultural and social trends throughout history and currently. Many of those who go down this track either work in museums and the public humanities, or, rather stereotypically, teach. American studies is an enriching and interesting program that covers all the bases of American life.

Anyway, thanks for paying attention to my first post, there'll be many more to come!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My First Few Weeks at BC!


My name is Maggie Reeves, and I am in the College and Arts& Sciences. I am currently an Economics and Mathematics major, but that will probably change over the next four years. My majors probably sound odd for someone in Arts&Sciences, but I never thought of applying to business programs. So, for any of you thinking about applying to "CSOM", the business school at BC, DO IT because it is so much easier to transfer out of CSOM then transfer in. Still, a lot of my classes have a majority of CSOM students so I do not feel as thought I am missing out on anything not being on CSOM. Pertaining to the academic transition to college, I felt really prepared for the core class I am taking. However, because of AP placement, I am in a lot of classes for sophomores and juniors, and for these classes, it can be kind of overwhelming at times. This is partially because as a freshman it is kind of hard to find someone to study with or sit with in class because it feels as though sophomores already have set friends.

Social transition has been a lot easier. Concerning the Newton vs. Upper debate, Newton is where it is at. I was originally placed in a forced triple on Upper, so I was desperate to get my own closet even if it meant coming to Newton. I am so glad I did too. It is true that everyone knows each other. Also, the buildings are a lot smaller so you really know everyone in your dorm. I feel like Upper is like an apartment complex while Newton is like a home as corny as that sounds. If you end up living on Newton, you are guaranteed not to have a forced triple. Social life here is amazing. Between football games, movie nights, and random fun nights, time really flies.

My favorites class is PULSE, which fulfills both my philosophy and theology university core credit. I like it because it counts as two classes, but class only meets the same number of times as a typical class. However, the difference is that I have to do ten hours of community service a week. However, it does not seem like work at all. I volunteer at "Another Course to College," which is a public high school in Brighton, MA. Here, I tutor and form friendships with the students.

Aside from working with SAP, I am on an intermural co-ed flag football team. Intermural sports are really low commitment and a lot of fun. As a freshman, I am signed up for a lot of clubs but have not really picked which ones I really want to be committed to. I do not want to mention any that I have only been to one meeting and look foolish to anyone really involved to that meeting, but I will definitely keep you updated.

Come for a tour and fall in love with BC like I did! For me, coming here was just intuition for me, so you should definitely come see if its the same for you!

Maggie Reeves


Hi Everyone,

My name is Sarah, and I am a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences. I’m double majoring in economics and political science. In addition to the Student Admission Program, I'm involved in Cura and the women’s rowing team.

This is my first year participating in Cura. Each of the groups has 6-8 people and meets for an hour once a week to talk about faith and life at BC. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to reflect and take part in small group discussions with other students when I went on a 48-Hours trip during my freshman year, so Cura seemed like a great way to continue to do this on a regular basis. I’ve been to one meeting so far, and I can't wait to get to know the other people in my group.

Midterms are currently underway, so I took a much-needed break from studying and went with my roommates to see The Social Network last weekend. I was especially excited to see it because the film crew came to the BC boathouse on the Charles River last fall to shoot the rowing scenes. Unfortunately, I never saw Justin Timberlake or any other actors during the filming, but it was still really cool to see clips of the Charles in the movie. One of the many things I love about being a student at BC is that the city and everything it has to offer are just a T ride away. Exploring Boston with friends is always a great way to relax after a hectic week.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Hey everyone,

Thank goodness its Friday! This was a hectic week with two midterms, but I can't complain as I made it through! During each semester at school, there seem to be about two two-week long periods full of papers and mid-term exams. Generally, this time is really as stressful as you make it. If you do your readings when they are assigned, take good notes, and generally don't procrastinate, then you should be fine. But, alas, as many of us occasionally neglect to do so, it can all come crashing down on you quickly.

Newbury Street

So long as it does not absolutely pour tonight, my friends and I are going to Newbury Street in the city for some shopping and dinner. Granted some of the stores on Newbury are very expensive, it is a gorgeous street with a ton of cool shops and just a great atmosphere. In a lot of ways, Newbury Street reminds me of my favorite place at home, Church Street in Burlington, VT. Tonight, I hope we try out this Thai restaurant I have really wanted to go to.

With a stressful week behind me, the weekend should provide a great opportunity to embrace some of the culture Boston offers!


Friday, October 8, 2010

Sophomore Year!

Hey guys!

This is my first post, so I'll just introduce myself a little to all of you potential Eagles!!

My name is Lauren G, and I am a sophomore in the School of Arts & Sciences. I am an Economics major and International Studies minor.

Currently, I am involved in a couple of things on campus. First off, is the Student Admissions Program, where I volunteer as a Tour Guide, Day Visits host, and a blog writer! Yay!

I am also involved in BC's ONLY sketch and improv comedy group on campus, Asinine. Being a part of Asinine is so much fun, and it's an awesome way to get involved in something I might never have the opportunity to do after college.

So, I only mentioned two out of the HUNDREDS of clubs and organizations at BC. There's a club for basically anything you can think of (and if not, you can always start one up!)

I can't wait to share with you all the great moments I experience during my sophomore year!
Hope you all come on back, and stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!
-Lauren G

(PS. If you have any questions you want answered, or want me to discuss something in my next blog you want information on, please don't hesitate to contact me at: .

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Relationships at Boston College

Hello again!

I hope you all had an exciting weekend - I certainly did (with one glaring exception being the loss to NOTRE DAME AT HOME on Saturday - it was still wicked fun though). Although this is a kind of taboo subject at colleges, I thought I'd write to you about my experience with relationships at BC.

I came to college still in a dying relationship from high school. After months of childish and immature fighting, I felt like it was time for something new; a new beginning at a new place, with new people and new places to see. I would just like to say that not all relationships from high school end when college begins, but mine did.

I was not looking to get into a relationship right when I got here. I felt like most freshman guys - ITS COLLEGE. Parties, girls, maybe some classes, right? That's when it all started to happen.
It was actually pretty crazy how this relationship started. My friend and I decided on one slow Friday night in September that we'd go to Newton to see what life was like on the other side of Commonwealth Ave. Little did I know that I would meet one of the most amazing girls I have ever met in my life. Her name was Erin. Like most freshman from Upper, I thought to myself "great, another one of those Newton kids, I'll never see her." As it turns out, she lived right down the hall from me in Gonzaga! Who knew??
October was when things really got started, though. We had been hanging out for a while, and I felt like she was fast becoming my best friend. I saw her almost every day, and we always stopped to talk. When she talked, my attention naturally turned to her. She was smart, funny, cute - she had it all. I won't bore you with all of the details (sorry, Erin!!), but one thing led to another; a few awkward McElroy Commons dinner dates, one Hillside dinner date (big spender, right?) and ONE off campus movie date in Boston later, and it was official. It was the start of something wonderful that is still going strong after 10 months (two semesters of school, one winter break, and one summer).

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, that's for sure. Relationships in college are actually quite different than relationships in high school (for me, at least). There are two things that are different to me. First, you wind up seeing this person multiple times a day every day, so I feel like we've gotten to know each other REALLY WELL. This is great for us because we like each other's personalities. Of course, this isn't always the case, but if you find the right person WITH A PERSONALITY YOU LIKE, chances are it will work out. The second is that although you may live down the hall from each other 9 months out of the year, there are the other 3 months to worry about (namely, summer). Luckily, we live pretty close (Massachusetts and Rhode Island...go sox), but it was certainly a change not being able to see her every day.

College relationships are "fluid" in this way; there is constant separation and reunion. Its not easy to get used to, but once I realized that our relationship would be this way, it became much easier to just focus on staying in touch and enjoying the time we have together at school, or in the summer.

One final note: for some reason, people think relationships "never" happen in college. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT THE CASE. Boston College will inundate you with meetings, emails, clubs, and activities that talk about the "hook-up culture" and how it is related to the downfall of dating and relationships. Although there is a "hook up culture" that is alive and well at BC, people still get into committed relationships. It's all about who you meet! I never thought I would be in a relationship so early, but thats just the way it happened.
So, if the time is right and you find someone you really want to get to know in a special way, go for it! Ladies, feel free to take a bit of initiative also - this is the 21st century, and I'm sure Erin could attest to the fact that guys don't always get it right away. Sometimes, you need to show a little bit of initiative to get it back from the guy - and that's fine.

If you ever have any questions about relationships and dating, there are a number of different resources available to you as a student that can help you through troubled times, or just give you someone to talk with. University Counseling Services is one place that probably isn't utilized as much as it should be. Also, there are a multitude of seminars, events, and "meet and greets" held throughout the year by the Office of Residential Life (through your RAs and hall staff) and by Nights on the Heights (an organization that plans weekend events throughout the year). Finally, if you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me at I'll do my best to help you out or point you to someone who can.

My advice: get out and meet some people. You never know what you may be starting. I met someone randomly who I now love dearly, and who will always have a special place in my heart. Its worth it!

Until next time,
The Quest Continues,