Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Anything but Trivial

Hi everybody,

It's Brennan, you local friendly English/PoliSci major. It’s been a while since my last post; sorry about that – the volume of visitors here at BC has skyrocketed in the last few weeks. It’s exciting, but very tiring.

Last night, a bunch of us from SAP went to the Applebee’s right next to campus for trivia night. We had a blast – teams from BC took 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. Eagles represent!

To me, events like trivia night do a lot more than showcase what fun things happen off campus. They show what kind of people we have here at BC. During the day yesterday, we all worked hard to help visitors get to know BC, talking about all of our experiences and accomplishments during our time spent here. Later, we played a hard-fought game against Northeastern in softball (besting our Husky friends). Then, we all put our brains to work trying to guess which animal has legs but cannot walk (actual question!).

As a whole, yesterday really illustrates how multifaceted BC students are. We love to work hard but have fun. I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends.

-Brennan Harkins
A&S '11

All She Wants To Do Is Dance!

Hello again, everyone! Summer is winding down a bit too quickly for my liking, and I’m anxiously anticipating my final year at Boston College. I’m looking forward to living in one of the senior apartments and to taking interesting (yet albeit challenging!) classes, but what I’m most excited about is my chance to perform in what may be my last dance performance ever. As a member of the Dance Organization of Boston College (DOBC), an audition-based, student run dance group of 40 to 50 dancers, I will dance in our yearly showcase in late January. Here’s a bit more about DOBC and other dance opportunities at BC and in the greater Boston area.

My experience with DOBC didn’t get off on the right foot (no pun intended…): I auditioned for DOBC during my freshman year but did not make the cut; only a handful of freshmen were chosen that year. I also auditioned for the Dance Ensemble, a group which is very similar to DOBC, but failed to make the cut. Although I felt quite discouraged, I didn’t want to give up my passion for dance, so I became a part of the studio class program in DOBC. DOBC is split into 2 groups: one is made up of dancers who made the cut during auditions and perform at the yearly showcase, and the other is made up of students at all dance levels who take open studio classes for enjoyment or technique practice. I took studio classes every night during my freshman year and when I auditioned again at the beginning of my sophomore year, I made the cut for the performance group! DOBC, like the Dance Ensemble and all of the other Boston College dance groups, is entirely student run—we have a board of directors who choose dances, plan out rehearsals, devise a theme for the show and work with Robsham Theater to make for a great performance. Unfortunately, I could not perform with DOBC last year because I was off dancing in Paris, but I can’t wait to come back this year.

Aside from DOBC and the Dance Ensemble, which focus mostly on traditional dance styles such as tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical and modern, Boston College has a number of other dance groups. Synergy and Phaymus are two of the most prominent hip-hop groups on campus and are well-known for their innovative choreography and creative music mixes. Fuego del Corazon is our Latin dance group and always impresses with its classic male-female partnering and snazzy footwork. The Boston College Dance Team performs with the Marching Band at every football game and wows the crowd with their formations and spirit. Boston itself offers a variety of dance companies and programs for students who wish to take classes outside of BC. The Boston Ballet offers open adult classes for students 16 and older; for just $15 a class, students can take ballet at the elementary, intermediate or advanced level. The Dance Complex in Cambridge is my new favorite spot: the studio is located in an old apartment building in Central Square and boasts an enormous class offering in everything from beginners tap to advanced modern to African dance. At $10 to $13 for an hour to two-hour class, the Dance Complex offers the perfect opportunity for all dancers. I’m already looking forward to my next ballet class there!

Until next time friends, keep on dancin’!

Courtney Kipp
A&S 2010
Resident French Translator, Theology Girl, and Dance Buff