Sunday, February 22, 2009

The night is darkest before the dawn

Why so serious? Forgive the "Dark Night" inspired theme, but I watched it yesterday and felt compelled to include it in my post.

We, as Boston College Students, are approaching the dawn. Instead of a much improved Gotham City, we are nearing Spring Break, a time to relax and reflect on the veritable insanity that has been our lives since the start of the semester.

Do not be mistaken, insanity is a good thing in college life! Most students at Boston College choose to get involved in a number of different activities and I am no exception. I have been very busy with student government duties, applying to be a Residential Assistant, and applying for my major; these commitments reach a fever pitch right before spring break. With six days left until I return to sunny Los Angeles, I have been hired as a residential assistant, been on the winning team of a campaign for student government, and accomplished many (but not all...yet) of my personal goals for student government.

I now have a chance to sit back, work on my 6 page paper due on Thursday and study for my intro to theater course (woo core curriculum). Of course, watching the Oscars doesn't help any of this but...its a once a year activity and part of college is understanding the world around you...right?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The unfortunate month of February...

Hey all!

So it's been a reallllyyy long time since I've posted, so I figured now was a good time. We have now entered the month of February which, in my opinion, is the worst month of the year. (Why else would it be the shortest?!) It's that awkward month between winter and spring, when the snow is no longer magical, just tired. It's the month of Valentine's Day...need I say more?

Anyways, the semester is in full swing and my word of advice to prospective students of any college is not to take on more than you can handle! This semester I decided to overload, because without marching band this semester I figured I'd have so much more time. Wrong. I'm now in the process of dropping my overload course because my classes are harder and more work...and even though I don't have marching band, I've still got a lot of other stuff going on (brass class and Plex time to take the place of those long rehearsals...). So please, don't bite off more than you can chew! (The grown-ups were right).

This weekend I'm going on 48 Hours, which is a first-year retreat. My group is going to Brewster, MA, and it's supposed to hit 50 degrees this weekend which will be extremely nice! I've heard wonderful things about the retreat so I'm really looking forward to it. It will also be nice just to get away from campus for a few days.

That's really about all that's going on at this moment...I'm off to a clarinet lesson and then to the Plex before I meet my 48 Hours group tonight and go to class. I hope everyone gets through February successfully...and just keep hanging on until those March and April dates when you start hearing from colleges!