Monday, January 12, 2009

A New Semester

Hi everyone,

So the new semester starts this Wednesday and I figured a post was in order. Break was great but, like many of you will, I have gotten bored at home and I am looking forward to the chaos of a new semester. I have student government meetings, Student Admission Programs Meetings (for you all), and classes to boot.

This semester I will be taking: Religious Quest II (continuation of Theology Core), Philosophy of the Person II (Continuation of Philosophy Core), Race & Urban Space, Intro to Theater (Fine Art Core), and Intro to American Studies. Once this year is over, I will be completely done with my core curriculum at BC!

Over the next month and a half I will continue to work on my proposal for an Interdisciplinary major in American Studies and try to stay as busy as possible.

I will try to post again in a week or so to update on all the happenings in my life and on campus. I hope all your applications are done and you are enjoying the tension of having to wait for letters to's not fun, I know.

All the best for now,