Monday, September 29, 2008

Hi :)

Hey everyone...just wanted to give you some quick information about myself, as I'll be one of your guides to BC on this blog for the next year!

My name is Maureen and I'm originally from Watchung in the great Garden State of New Jersey. Even though I have to stand up for Jersey very often on campus, I'm still proud of my roots.

I'm a Junior in the College of Arts and Sciences (woo 2010!). I changed my major three times before applying to the International Studies program. So, I'm an International Studies major, focusing in Political Science, with a minor in French. I'm also in the Arts and Sciences Honors Program (typically the top 15% of each incoming class are invited into the program). This spring, I will be studying abroad at Sciences-Po, a political science university, in Paris.

On campus, I'm really involved in the Undergraduate Government of Boston College (UGBC), in the Campus Entertainment department. My department is responsible for a lot of very visible events on campus such as concerts, the Christmas Tree Lighting, Spring Weekend and Homecoming. This year, I'm Director of Special Events, so I'm currently going crazy trying to plan Homecoming. I'm also involved in the Student Admissions Program in a couple different programs. The past two years, I've gone on the Appalachia Spring Break Service trip, which has been an amazing experience. If I wasn't going abroad, I'd definitely do it again! This semester, I got involved with intramural sports and am playing on a soccer team, which is awesome, and something a lot of people are involved in. I also LOVE being a Superfan and attend lots of sporting events wearing my ridiculous yellow shirt.

I came to BC because I absolutely fell in love with the campus, and it was a great mix of all the things I was looking for. It's close to Boston, but still has a campus. Students are really academically focused, but they're also really involved in extracurricular activities, especially service. BC has both a great academic and athletic reputation with tons of school spirit. I almost always see someone I know while I'm walking to class, but I'm still meeting new people as well. Basically, BC is awesome.

Keep checking back for more updates about my life here at BC and for tons more information about BC from all the other bloggers.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hey there prospective students!

My name is Justin and I am a sophomore in The College of Arts and Sciences. I enjoy long walks on the beach, pina coladas, and talking about myself on blogs.

Where do I call home you may ask? Well, I am from Los Angeles, California. Essentially, that means I am one of the first students to put on my big winter coat and look like a fool when the winter comes. Yes, I actually traded in sunny beautiful weather for Boston's famous Grey skies.

The next logical question would be: Why on earth did you do this to yourself? The short answer is that I love Boston. The city attracted me to such a degree that I promised my self to find a school I loved in Boston. In fact, the farthest West I applied was Syracuse University.

Why BC? This is the quintessential question to answer for you all, I suppose. I knew I wanted to come to BC the moment I saw it. Unlike many schools in the greater Boston area, BC actually has a campus. I knew I couldn't go to a school that was just a mashing of buildings in the urban city scape. However, I needed to be close enough to a city to enjoy all it has to offer. I have no doubt that I could write a book on Boston, but we'll save that for another post...if you're lucky...or unlucky.

As far as academics were concerned, I knew that math was a personal weak point (Woo liberal arts!) so I was pleased to learn about BC's strong History and English programs. In fact, I love these departments so much that I have decided to pursue and interdisciplinary major in American Studies. Essentially, I will be combining the History department, English department, and Sociology department to create my own major...yes... you can do that. I am currently preparing to propose this idea to the school, so fingers cross on that. I'll be sure to keep you all updated on the happenings.

Just to break it down:

Name: Justin
Major: American Studies
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Why BC?: Love to freeze in the Winter

Stay tuned for more posts about me and why you should come to Boston College, or at least give it a serious look.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Thank you for visiting the Boston College Student Admission Program blogs! This blog is maintained by undergraduates in the College of Arts & Sciences who have or are interested in Liberal Arts majors.

If you are a prospective student who is interested in applying to one of BC's liberal arts program, look no further! Here we try to give you a window into the life of Boston College students, who will be posting about what daily life is like on the Heights. Bookmark this page and keep coming back for more; this blog will be updated regularly by one of many of our Student Admission Program volunteers! We all have stories to share that we hope will help you determine if BC is right for you.

These blogs can be as interactive as you make them. Want to hear about a certain aspect of college life? Curious as to how we survive without home-cooked meals and laundry done for us? Ask and you shall receive. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to post them! We'll respond in our next entry as soon as we can.

Thank you so much for stopping in! If you'd like to hear more about BC, visit the official site of Boston College! You can also learn more about visiting campus and our tours and infamous Eagle Eye sessions at the SAP webpage! We'd love to have you!

Good luck!

Sam Lipscomb
SAP Technology Coordinator '08-'09
Boston College A&S '10