Sunday, December 7, 2008

Semester Wrap Up

So with classes ending for the semester tomorrow, I thought this would be a good time to give you all an update on what's going on here on the Heights.

There has been SO much going on on campus over the past week for so. Thursday night was the annual Breaking the Barriers Ball which is basically UGBC's semi-formal cocktail-esque party (minus cocktails for those of us under 21). From Thursday-Saturday from 11:30pm-1:00am there was free ice skating in Conte Forum (where the hockey team plays). All weekend the Chorale and Orchestra were performing their annual Christmas Concert. On Friday night, a bunch of my friends and I headed down the B-Line to see our hockey team play BU. Saturday our football team played in the ACC Championship but unfortunately we lost :(. Saturday night we played BU at home and lost again. Not a good weekend for Boston sports. It was a great weekend before the craziness of final starts.

Classes end tomorrow, so finals start on Thursday after two days of study days. We have two finals periods each day (usually) at 9:00am and 12:30pm. This semester, I have two in class exams and three take home exams/essays. This is the first semester I've had so many take home exams. It should be a nice change of pace from all the in class exams.

Once exams are over, it's time to pack up for the semester and get ready for Paris! It's so crazy how much I have to do before I leave. This week I'm picking my classes. Last week I went into Boston to order a visa. And I should be booking my flight in the next few days. I'll definitely keep you all updated on my adventures abroad.

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wait a second!

Welcome home to me! I got back home to McLean, Virginia yesterday and this is my first time home since August 19th. I was thinking that coming home after more than three months (the longest time I've ever been away) would be super weird and awkward but it hasn't been at all! I walked into my house like I was in it yesterday. I climbed into my car this morning and turned on the ignition like I've been driving regularly these past few months. Nothing different! I guess it's a nice feeling to come home and to not feel like I've been away for 25% of the year. But it's also kind of a weird feeling to just sit in my house in my pajamas, eating a sandwich, and relaxing with nothing to do. Nothing really going on, no one to see, just eating by's definitely nice to have a break from needing to call everyone on my BC contact list in order to go get something to eat.

I visited my high school today and saw seven of my old teachers. It was really nice to talk to some of the adults that had such an impact on my life and who really know me. Of course I got the whole "How's college? How's Boston? How are your classes?" And it was always just the same "Oh everything's goooood blah blah"...I wasn't really thinking about my answers. So after a long time at school and lots of talking about my new life, I got back home and made myself a sandwich. And on my iTunes, the rendition of "For Boston" by the Dropkick Murphys started playing and I said to myself, "Wait a minute! I love BC!" Now why couldn't I convey that in my myriad conversations about my college experience today? I guess I'll never know, but I'm glad I came to that realization today. I mean, I already knew I loved school...but that was while I was up there. So I'm glad I realized it while I'm at home and I'll be happy to return.

But as for now, I'm very thankful to be home for a few days. I'll be back on Friday for the football game Saturday! If we beat Maryland, we'll be making another experience at the ACC Championship in Tampa Bay. Let's go BC! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Study Space

One thing that might not come first on your list of "what I'm looking for in a college" is study space, but it's something you should consider! In high school, you're in class for basically all of the day besides lunch, and unless you've got sports or clubs after school, you go home to do all your work. You've got your room or your kitchen or living room (or bathroom if that's how you roll..!) and any of those rooms can be at the noise level you decide. Well, in college, you're not always going to be able to dictate the noise levels or temperatures or location of your dorm room. And even the dorm lounges can get pretty noisy, so on your college search, I want you to walk around every campus you visit--go in the libraries and classrooms and lounges and imagine yourself studying in all of these places. Make sure there's a variety of spaces to your liking.
This is where BC comes in! After more almost three months here, I'm still finding new places to study every single day and I can never decide which is my favorite.

There's the Babst Library, located on Linden Lane across from St. Mary's Chapel. This is the "Harry Potter" library, because the interior looks like Hogwarts. The image displays the study room, which is usually open 24 hours a day and is completely silent. Babst is really good if you need hard chairs to stay awake, and complete silence to focus...though it is really easy to get distracted by the sheer magnificence of the room!

Next is O'Neill Library, the main library on campus, named after former speaker of the house, Tip O'Neill. The computer room is located in O'Neill, where you can get work done or just check your email quickly. In the stacks room, there are myriad tables and chairs, and amazingly comfy chairs to plop down and get some reading done. O'Neill's good if you like to be comfortable while studying, and like quiet but appreciate a little hustle and bustle going on in the library to remind you of existence on earth. (O'Neill is also great for power naps, but don't say I told you so.)

Many students also like to study in The Rat (small dining facility located in Lyons basement) or the Eagle's Nest (lunch dining hall on second floor of McElroy). Here, you can get some food and a big table and study by yourself or with friends, usually best for in between classes. There are also comfy chairs in Higgins Hall (see image on right) where you can find some quiet space between classes, or couches in Fulton located in the Quad. In the evenings, many students flock to the libraries or some will find some empty classrooms in Gasson or Carney.

All of these locations I just mentioned offer study surroundings for every type of preference, and let students switch it up a bit as I like to do. I never really considered the variety of study space colleges had to offer, but BC has definitely given me all I could ask for in that department.

So I hope this discussion has helped a little, although it was a bit long...I tend to do that.
Happy Humpday!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Post Midterm Breathing

So the general theme of the posts lately is mid-terms. This time can be very stressful and busy for any student and BC is no exception. I had to write several papers and take a couple exams but frankly, that's par for the course in college. Don't worry about this stuff when you are applying to schools!

While the last few weeks have been busy, there was a great concert sponsored on campus that featured the popular DJ RJD2. It was amazing and the event sold out by the 3rd day of ticket sales! It was a great Thursday night and you can look forward to keeping busy here at BC with that kind of stuff. There never seems to be any shortage.

With my last midterm turned in last week, I went into the city for a bit before the Notre Dame football game (kind of a big deal). I wandered Newbury with my girlfriend and we went into the world's largest Apple Store that is 3 stories tall. It's crazy and very cool if you are a Mac enthusiast. Newbury street is a great place and I would encourage any of you prospective students to check it out if you visit campus.

I'm keeping it short tonight because it's late but I'll be posting more now that I have some more time. Keep working on those applications! I hope we'll be seeing you around campus.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Back for the first time

Hey's been a few weeks since my last (a.k.a. first) blog entry, and I figured now would be a good time to finally make another. I am just now feeling recovered from the past week, in which I had two races and three midterms. Thankfully this week (so far) has been much less hectic.

Last week began with a race in Boston's own Franklin Park, the Mayor's Cup. Our team rested the top eight runners, but used the Mayor's Cup to determine who would take the last two spots for the Atlantic Coast Conference championship the following Saturday. I ended up placing fifth in the overall race, and first among BC runners, earning my spot for ACC's.

In the time between the Mayor's Cup and ACC's, I faced three midterms on consecutive days, with History on Wednesday, Modern Irish (the language) on Thursday, and a Theology midterm paper due Friday. While it was somewhat of a struggle to keep focused, I feel like I held my own in each.

Finally the weekend came, and with it, the ACC race, hosted by the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. As a team, BC ran to its highest place in school history, tying for sixth with the University of Maryland. Senior Tim Ritchie also set a record by finishing second overall, the highest individual finish of any BC athlete in the ACC championship history. Such great results made the flight back to Boston an enjoyable one for all ten guys that raced.

That's all the news I have as of late, but I'll certainly write another entry sometime soon.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Hey everyone! I can't believe it's been so long since my last post. I've had a crazy couple of weeks.

I'm almost done with midterms...I can't wait to be done! I've been spending a lot of time in the library focusing on all my work. The best way I've found to handle it is to make up a schedule of everything that I have to do and just cross things off as I get them done. So far I've had a Law Exam and a French Presentation. This week I have a take home exam due, a short paper, and French midterm.

I've also been working on getting everything set for spending next semester in Paris! I'm sooo excited to go. Everyone who's going on my program has started to talk about buying plane tickets and departure dates. We just had a meeting with our abroad adviser to give us all the information we need to get our Visas. I can't believe I'm actually going. We have another big meeting in the next couple of weeks, where we'll get to talk to some people who have already gone on the program.

I also just finished planning the annual Homecoming dance for UGBC, which happened last weekend. It's a big dance that we have under tents in the big parking lot on Lower Campus. 1400 people attended the dance, and despite the rain, I'd say it was a definite success! We had great food and a DJ and it was an awesome event. It was a lot of work planning, but it was awesome to see it all come together.

That's basically what's been going on with me. Keep checking back for more posts from myself and all the other bloggers!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Time for an update?

Hey all, I figured that a week and a half meant time for a new post. And it's not like I was doing anything better (coughFACEBOOKcough). You'll come to realize how useful Facebook is for stalking all your floormates and classmates, because unlike high school, you really don't know anything about the 9,000 other kids you're spending your life with. I guess that's one of the weird things about friend and I actually made a mental list of all the weird things about college. Time is one. College student time is completely different than any other time in the world. No matter how tired you are throughout the day, you will always be wide awake between the hours of 11pm and 1am. Nothing you can really do but embrace it--that's what laptops are for, right?! (...or I guess books, and journals, and music as well...)

But I guess the discussion of time was a good transition for this entry's topic: BC activities and whatnot. In college, you've actually got a lot of time because you're in class for about half the time as high school. More outside work, but there's a lot of free time during the day...and so much to do! Thanks to listservs (mass emails sent out), you'll find out about a myriad of panels, discussions, lectures, programs, parties, sporting events and more! There's something going on every day of the week. That's one of the great things about BC. It's small enough to not be overwhelming, but it's big enough that there are always multiple things going on (and sometimes you'll have to prioritize...) And even if you want to get away from campus, Boston is just a half-hour T ride away, and then you've got another whole plethora of things to do.

Though truly, kids don't go into the city all that often because like I've been saying, there's so much to do on campus. This leads me to another great thing about BC: school pride. If you ever come to visit, make sure you really look out for this. BC students love their school and they love their Eagles. BC "Superfans" come out to support every team, and in huge numbers for BC's famous football and ice hockey teams. Students buy the ridiculously overpriced BC merchandise in the bookstore and wear it with pride. In that aspect, I know I made the right choice in picking BC because when I'm surrounded by other people who love BC as much as I do, it makes the experience that much greater.

I'm off to go play some Mario Party (hurray for rainy days and the end of midterms!)

And for whoever's reading this, have a fabulous week!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Hey all! I decided to make my title "yo" because it's a greeting I frequently use...and "Hey Everyone" was seeming a little trite. So I'm new to this whole blog thing, and I guess you readers are new to the whole college process thing which is why I'm here! I try to make your life and the whole college application process (which let's face it...for high school seniors at this time, is your life) a little easier just in that you can get a better sense of what life here at BC is like. (It's pretty awesome.)

But let me first introduce myself! My name is Sabrina (Caldwell...if last names are really important to you) from McLean, Virginia which is about five miles from Washington, D.C...which is also absolutely not the south, so don't think that! (But for any prospective students south of D.C., beware--you will frequently hear about your southern roots. It's really not too terrible though, and I've begun to use my location to my advantage...and it's also fun to rub it in the faces of the kids from Massachusetts and New York that your vote actually matters in the upcoming election.) Anyways, I'm a freshman this year, and right now am planning a Political Science major, with a German minor...but that might switch to an International Studies and German double major if I can get into the IS program next year. I'm what they call a "Newtonite", meaning I live on the far away Newton campus which houses about 40% of the freshman class. I have to take a bus to class. Now I know that sounds awful, but it's really not. More will come about the Newton experience later, but we do get the best dining hall at BC, the Newton campus itself is beautiful, and you learn to deal with the bus. But as I said, more about that later.

As for classes, students are supposed to take 15 credits per semester...I believe I'm taking 16, but the one credit course is a Freshman Topic Seminar called "Warring for Peace" which is part of the Cornerstone Program for Freshmen. My other classes include Fundamentals of Politics, Intermediate German, Finite Probability (this is just getting the math core out of the'll see BC has a pretty extensive core, but AP credits do get you out of a lot of classes), and Perspectives which is a theology and philosophy year-long course which counts as two of your classes in the semester. I would say Perspectives is one of the most popular ways to get the Philosophy and Theology core done in one big sweep freshman year, especially when many students don't know what they'd like to major in. It's a heck of a lot of reading but really interesting.

My extracurricular activities basically consist of band band band band band. (Do you get the picture?) I'm an alto sax player in the Screaming Eagles Marching Band and the Pep Band, and a clarinet player in the University Wind Ensemble (UWE). Marching members come to campus ten days early for Band Camp and practice two nights a week from 7-10 during the football season, with football games most Saturdays and random other performances throughout the year (we played the National Anthem at a Red Sox game last month!) UWE is the top band ensemble on campus, and an audition is required to be a member. We perform about 3-4 times per semester. And then Pep Band is the equivalent of Marching Band...without the marching...but it plays for ice hockey games (BC is the reigning national champion!), and men's and women's basketball games. Much more laid back than marching band, and a huge perk is that members are considered "student athletes" so we get free tickets to all the sporting games. Non-band activities are scarce for me, but they exist. I've joined Appalachia, which is an alternative Spring Break service trip through Campus Ministry; and I'm also part of the German that I mean I've been to about one activity because during the football season, band is basically my life.

Wow, that was a lot of information! But there was a lot about me that I wanted to share I guess! I wrote this blog during my canceled Politics class, because as you'll come to realize when you start college...if a professor is out of town or sick...class gets canceled! No dealing with subs! So my canceled class therefore gave me time to write this blog, yay! (Did anyone notice the high number of exclamation points I just used?) So I hope anyone reading this found some helpful information, and to all you high school seniors: do not get too stressed! And feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions, I'd be happy to help. (And definitely apply to BC because it's an amazing school...and more about the amazing factor will come in a later post). Peace.


P.S.--Go BC (vs. VA Tech Sat 10/18 8pm on ESPN 2) and go Sox!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hi everybody!

Now that I've finally gotten down to writing my first blog post, I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Ted, and I'm a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences. Currently I do not have a declared major, but am leaning toward Classical Studies. In fact, I am writing this blog entry while taking a break from translating some of Apuleius' Cupid and Psyche.

So to give a little more about myself, I am originally from Maplewood, New Jersey, about 1/2 hour west of New York City. Part of why I chose BC over a certain school in NYC was because I wanted to see what life was like outside of the NY metro area. Granted, as a lifetime Yankees fan, I now have to deal with Red Sox fans and their recent success, but I manage to handle it alright.

Outside of class, I am involved in the Student Admission Program, I work at the Plex three days a week, and I am a member of BC's Cross Country and Track teams. I have also signed up for Ecopledge, but because of my work schedule, I am yet to attend a meeting...hopefully I'll be able to take part in it in some way soon. Last year, I was part of the Emerging Leader Program, a service-based program for freshmen (if/when you get the chance to apply for ELP, absolutely go for it).

That's all I've got for right now, but I'll be sure to update sometime in the coming weeks.


Post #3

Hey there!

I want to keep my post short and sweet this time and talk about student government here at BC. As I previously mentioned, I am a member of the Undergraduate Government of Boston College (UGBC) and I serve as a member of the Executive Staff. Basically, I work directly with the President and Vice-President of the student body to try and effect long-term and short-term changes.

One project I am working on is the addition of printing stations on Newton, Upper, and Lower Campus. This project began over the summer and I have worked with the Vice-President of the student Senate (another great way to get involved) to try and make this goal a reality. While some elements of the plan are ambitious, we are hoping to see new printers on campus soon!

A more tangible project that I am working on is called the "Financial Crisis Forum." A colleague and I are working with the administration to put on a forum in which BC students can talk to professors about the financial situation one-on-one. That is happening soon and should be very interesting.

Thats enough for tonight...maybe this morning? If you any questions on what you have read so far or are curious about student government, don't hesitate to comment or post responses.

Have a good week!

Monday, October 6, 2008


Hello new friends, I hope the college hunt is going well so far!

My name is Isabella, and my posts on this blog will give you a glimpse into my sophomore year in the College of Arts and Sciences here at BC. I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio, which is pretty far from home, but I feel so comfortable here that I think I’ve forgotten you’re supposed to get homesick in college. Seriously. I chose Boston because I love the East Coast and I absolutely needed to be near a city, but I definitely wanted the whole college campus experience. Boston College is the perfect combination—there’s a subway stop literally across the street from my dorm for easy city access, but plenty of green space and suburb-y atmosphere for that “Let’s play Frisbee in the quad!” college feel. I know tons of people who have fun without leaving campus too often, but I can’t resist taking advantage of the city at least every other week. The incredible shopping on Newbury Street and the fact that just about every concert has a tour date in Boston are some things known to lure my friends and me off-campus from time to time.

I’m a Communications and English double major, which is working out quite well so far. I might actually like every single class I’m taking right now, so it’s a good thing there are other bloggers here in case my peppiness gets out of hand (Is this optimism from my Midwestern upbringing? We don’t know).

This year I’m working on getting a lot more involved than last year. It was a LOT easier than I expected, and I love being busy. I participate in two different mentor programs with inner city kids, one volunteer (Loyola Volunteers) and one paid (Bank of America Mentor Program), and I plan on attending one of BC’s Appalachia Volunteer trips over spring break. (Before you applaud me for sacrificing a potential vacation to Cancun or Florida, you should know: BC has a spring break AND an Easter break. If that’s not a fantastic perk of Catholic school, I don’t know what is.)

More posts to come so stay tuned, and obviously if you ever have questions or comments or anything like that, I’d love to help you out. Good luck with everything this week!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Hey there and welcome to the blog! Over the next few months, I'll be giving you a glimpse into student life here on "The Heights" so I guess I should introduce myself first. My name is Tommaso and I am a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences. I'm majoring in Communication, with a PR concentration, and minoring in Italian. I originally hail from the great state of Connecticut, only about 2 hours from BC. Here on campus, I'm involved in intramural sports, the Italian Club, and, obviously, the Student Admission Program. I also had a marketing/PR internship this past summer, which I'll talk about more in a future post. When I'm not busy with class or extracurriculars, you can usually find me at Alumni Stadium or Conte Forum cheering on BC's athletic teams, in Boston taking advantage of all the great things the city has to offer, or just hanging out with my friends somewhere around campus.

So that's a, very brief, introduction to who I am... Check back soon for updates. In my next post I'll talk about how I ended up at BC. If you have any questions you want me to answer in future posts, let me know in the comments!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

DJ Justin Breaks Down Week Two of Blogs

Hey there everyone!

I am going to try to post every week and guess what!? Its been about 8 days...being on top of things is important here at BC!

I finished off a busy week of work in the time since I posted last. First, I turned in a technological autobiography for my sociology class, Technology and Society. Second, I wrote a four page paper analyzing how the city related to a short story by Edgar Allen Poe for my City in Literature and Film class. Finally, I wrote a short two page paper on what I thought it meant to be a good person. That bad boy was for my philosophy class.

This all, no doubt, seems like a ton of work...and it is. However, at the risk of seeming like I thought of a moral lesson for this weeks post...I have discovered how important time management and getting ahead can be. I read the books and articles for those essays long before I had to write them and, as a result, got the writing done fairly quickly.

Why don't I procrastinate? Well, I used to do that a lot in my freshmen year and I did OK with that approach. However, I chose to get much more involved in campus life this year and my time is now at a premium. I am on the Executive Staff of the Undergraduate Government of Boston College, very involved in Student Admissions Programs (you may have guessed), and I am in the Red Cross Club. These three activities keep me fairly busy but I will save an in-depth description of whats involved in those for another post.

Until the next post... stay on top of things, write your college essays, and come to BC!


Monday, September 29, 2008

Hi :)

Hey everyone...just wanted to give you some quick information about myself, as I'll be one of your guides to BC on this blog for the next year!

My name is Maureen and I'm originally from Watchung in the great Garden State of New Jersey. Even though I have to stand up for Jersey very often on campus, I'm still proud of my roots.

I'm a Junior in the College of Arts and Sciences (woo 2010!). I changed my major three times before applying to the International Studies program. So, I'm an International Studies major, focusing in Political Science, with a minor in French. I'm also in the Arts and Sciences Honors Program (typically the top 15% of each incoming class are invited into the program). This spring, I will be studying abroad at Sciences-Po, a political science university, in Paris.

On campus, I'm really involved in the Undergraduate Government of Boston College (UGBC), in the Campus Entertainment department. My department is responsible for a lot of very visible events on campus such as concerts, the Christmas Tree Lighting, Spring Weekend and Homecoming. This year, I'm Director of Special Events, so I'm currently going crazy trying to plan Homecoming. I'm also involved in the Student Admissions Program in a couple different programs. The past two years, I've gone on the Appalachia Spring Break Service trip, which has been an amazing experience. If I wasn't going abroad, I'd definitely do it again! This semester, I got involved with intramural sports and am playing on a soccer team, which is awesome, and something a lot of people are involved in. I also LOVE being a Superfan and attend lots of sporting events wearing my ridiculous yellow shirt.

I came to BC because I absolutely fell in love with the campus, and it was a great mix of all the things I was looking for. It's close to Boston, but still has a campus. Students are really academically focused, but they're also really involved in extracurricular activities, especially service. BC has both a great academic and athletic reputation with tons of school spirit. I almost always see someone I know while I'm walking to class, but I'm still meeting new people as well. Basically, BC is awesome.

Keep checking back for more updates about my life here at BC and for tons more information about BC from all the other bloggers.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Hey there prospective students!

My name is Justin and I am a sophomore in The College of Arts and Sciences. I enjoy long walks on the beach, pina coladas, and talking about myself on blogs.

Where do I call home you may ask? Well, I am from Los Angeles, California. Essentially, that means I am one of the first students to put on my big winter coat and look like a fool when the winter comes. Yes, I actually traded in sunny beautiful weather for Boston's famous Grey skies.

The next logical question would be: Why on earth did you do this to yourself? The short answer is that I love Boston. The city attracted me to such a degree that I promised my self to find a school I loved in Boston. In fact, the farthest West I applied was Syracuse University.

Why BC? This is the quintessential question to answer for you all, I suppose. I knew I wanted to come to BC the moment I saw it. Unlike many schools in the greater Boston area, BC actually has a campus. I knew I couldn't go to a school that was just a mashing of buildings in the urban city scape. However, I needed to be close enough to a city to enjoy all it has to offer. I have no doubt that I could write a book on Boston, but we'll save that for another post...if you're lucky...or unlucky.

As far as academics were concerned, I knew that math was a personal weak point (Woo liberal arts!) so I was pleased to learn about BC's strong History and English programs. In fact, I love these departments so much that I have decided to pursue and interdisciplinary major in American Studies. Essentially, I will be combining the History department, English department, and Sociology department to create my own major...yes... you can do that. I am currently preparing to propose this idea to the school, so fingers cross on that. I'll be sure to keep you all updated on the happenings.

Just to break it down:

Name: Justin
Major: American Studies
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Why BC?: Love to freeze in the Winter

Stay tuned for more posts about me and why you should come to Boston College, or at least give it a serious look.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Thank you for visiting the Boston College Student Admission Program blogs! This blog is maintained by undergraduates in the College of Arts & Sciences who have or are interested in Liberal Arts majors.

If you are a prospective student who is interested in applying to one of BC's liberal arts program, look no further! Here we try to give you a window into the life of Boston College students, who will be posting about what daily life is like on the Heights. Bookmark this page and keep coming back for more; this blog will be updated regularly by one of many of our Student Admission Program volunteers! We all have stories to share that we hope will help you determine if BC is right for you.

These blogs can be as interactive as you make them. Want to hear about a certain aspect of college life? Curious as to how we survive without home-cooked meals and laundry done for us? Ask and you shall receive. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to post them! We'll respond in our next entry as soon as we can.

Thank you so much for stopping in! If you'd like to hear more about BC, visit the official site of Boston College! You can also learn more about visiting campus and our tours and infamous Eagle Eye sessions at the SAP webpage! We'd love to have you!

Good luck!

Sam Lipscomb
SAP Technology Coordinator '08-'09
Boston College A&S '10